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Appraisal Technology

Our appraisers utilize technology to produce accurate high quality appraisal reports quickly!

Internet appraisal delivery is now a reality. All you need is an email account and the Adobe Acrobat reader. The report is sent as a PDF file. We can also send reports as XML files.

If you donít have the Adobe reader you can download it here (free!).

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We utilize Wintotal appraisal software. This software provides a technology solution for appraisal delivery using the industry standard ANSI X12 format. 

Bain & Associates participated in previous beta testing of the software.

Complete appraisal reports with digital color photos, secure digital signatures, sketches, and supporting documents can be sent in less than five minutes.



Appraisers need sophisticated tools to transform their workload into usable data both quickly and easily. Our appraisal floor plans are completed with the award winning Apex sketching software.
Each report includes  a detailed floor plan and includes exterior wall measurements and interior room details.

New home measurements are taken from builders plans and specifications.


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