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Relocation Appraisal Services

Bain & Associates has been performing relocation appraisals since 1988. David Bain is a member of the Employee Relocation Council  (ERC) and was among the first eRelay enabled appraisers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. David has attended numerous relocation conferences and participated in Realtor/Appraiser roundtables.

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We understand how stressful the relocation process can be. We will work with your schedule to set an appointment time that is convenient for you.  Your appraisal will be completed within four business days. We are available for Saturday appointments.     

We want your input! A list of improvements and specific amenities you believe to be pertinent is welcome and will be considered in our report.

All appraisal reports are completed with digital color photos, secure digital signatures, detailed floor plans, and high quality digital maps. The entire report and supporting documents can be delivered via email in less than five minutes if desired.



Our floor plan drawings are completed with the award winning Apex sketching software.
Each report includes  a detailed floor plan and includes exterior wall measurements.


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